In modern era of technology library plays a vital role in humans life. As books gives us the information about everything. “Library is an arena of possibility, opening both a windows into the soul and a door onto the world.” So, it is necessary to take care of the libraries and the books.

How digitally world help us with management of library?

  1. We can manage record of books as well as members.
  2. Helps with circulation.
  3. Maintain stock record.
  4. Manage books sales.

and there is many more benefits of having a digital library.

How Glibrary-Library Management Software can help with proper management of library?

  1. With Glibrary librarian can add permission wise user to operate the software.
  2. Can manage book allowance member type wise.
  3. Can manage department wise login and books.
  4. Can manage category or subject wise books
  5. Helps with complete book and member management.
  6. Manage circulation.
  7. Helps with physical verification.
  8. Barcode generation.
  9. Member login option is also there by which members can see their circulation history as well as available books.

and many more….

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