Photo Encrypter

Photo encryptor is a mobile app designed to protect your private photos, images and pictures from your friends and family. This app is completely free.


  • Be don’t worry that someone is checking your private photo in your phone.
  • Secure you private photos from your friends and family.
  • Prevent unauthorized access of your private photos.
  • This app can hide your photos, pictures and images and these will vanished from your galary and will be visible only in this app.
  • You can hide the photo encryptor icon that’s why noone can access your private photos, images and pictures and you can open it from your dialer easily.


Hide photo
Hide image
Hide picture
Share directly from app
Photo vault
Image vault
Picture vault
Secure image apps
Secure photo app
Secure picture app
Photo protection app
Image protection app
Picture protection app
Make app invisible
Hide app icon
Photo security
Image security
Picture security
Separate accounts
Separate access
Open app from dialer
Easy to use

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