All India Result is a initiative to make better education system. It is a app that will provide the database of all the result from playgroup to 12th class. Its also work with coaching and colleges. The only schools, colleges and coachings that are associated with allindiaresult can publish result on this portal so if you don’t find your school college and coaching here please don’t give bad rating instead ask us for result on demand and we will try to help you at best. Thanks in advance to all the users. Join us in the process to make the better education system.

How to Use ::

Step 1 :: If you want to see result related to schools then select state on first step for school
If you want to see result related to Institute, College or Coaching then select state on first step for your organisation

Step 2 :: In this step either you can ask for result on demand. Or select your District and City and click on check result now.

Step 3 :: Select your Organisation then other Fields and Check your Marksheet. You can also save the marksheet as PDF.


Benefits for Schools :

  • Instant Marksheet Generation after result Upload.
  • Instant SMS to be sent to Parents after result Upload.
  • Android Mobile Application to access the result from the mobile anytime.
  • Fully Secured Website with separate Logins to Each School.
  • Can download Excel Sheets for any class (Nursery to Twelfth) and any Exam (First term to Yearly).
  • Can do Bulk Upload of Results using their panels.
  • Can keep Online Storage of Sheets for further use.
  • Can work from any part around the World.
  • Can check the Reports of Intelligent students and Irregular students on single click.
  • Auto generated Organisation Introduction page and Contact page.
  • Manage Contact Queries in panel and on Email and Respond to them.
  • Send messages to Parents, Guardians or Concern person while uploading results.
  • Auto Generated Marksheet in the front end as soon as result get uploaded.
  • Automatic Half Yearly Final and Final Sheet Generation.
  • One Page Design to give Simpleness, Tehsil Wise Distribution for fast loading and Responsive Design with having a view of Future.
  • Qualified Person Tech Support Center to Effectively Run the System.

Benefits for Parents :

  • Ease of comfort and peace of mind.
  • Can check result of children from any part of the World.
  • Get message of children result overview by Organization.
  • Can compare marksheets and find out which subject is improving and which Subject needs to be improved.
  • Get Attendance overview of students.
  • Can Contact Schools about their concerns.
  • Stay connected with school.
  • Improvise childrens future by taking Better Decisions by Checking Results.
  • Can check the Top Schools as per the Result Performances.

Benefits for Students :

  • Can check Results any time 24*7.
  • Can take Printout of Marksheet.
  • Can Compare old and new Marksheet.
  • Can check Result even on mobile using Mobile Application.
  • Get exposure to the Technology and got Connected.
  • Progress Report on time Boost Confidence to do Better
  • Will stop doing cheating with Report Cards

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