Viewsonic Fitness Gym

Viewsonic Fitness Gym is one of the best health clubs operating in Jaipur. We also provide personal training, body composition analysis, personalized diet program. Personalized exercise plan, steam bath, massages and general training to our members.

Our health club provides general training to all the members and there is also a provision for personal training wherein a member who wants to achieve higher results in a short span of time can enroll. All our trainers are well qualified and dedicated towards their work.

As you step into Viewsonic Fitness Gym, you are greeted by friendly faces, an authentically designed interior, and clean hygienic surrounding. Taking an hour or two out of your monotonous routine & coming to Viewsonic Fitness Gym will not only help you reach your health goals but also fill you with positivity, confidence and a will to always look & feel your best.

Viewsonic Fitness Gym is owned & managed by Mr. Kishor Karwani.

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